openFLE is an extensible platform for processing event files from disturbance monitoring equipment such as digital fault recorders (DFRs) and power quality monitors.  Based on the waveform data in these files and on user-provided transmission line parameters, openFLE determines the fault type and calculates the line-distance to the fault.  For more information.  See openFLE overview.

This version of openFLE is an extension of work conducted in 2012 for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  Work is currently underway to further extend openFLE so that it can be implemented easily within multiple utiliity environments.

openFLE includes an open source C# parser for power quality files (IEEE 1159.3-2003).

For the latest updates to the openFLE source, visit For the latest updates to the openPQDIF source, visit and look for GSF.PQDIF.

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